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Welcome Back!!

Welcome back!!!!!  School is just around the corner!!!

Get your family in for going back to school adjustments, nothing is better than starting school off on the right foot. 

Our Mission

At Clarity Chiropractic and Wellness, our mission is to help patients feel and look their very best every day.  We serve the greater Phoenix area with state-of-the-art healthcare in two locations, central Phoenix and Chandler.  The foundation of our care is the non-invasive and natural healing power of chiropractic.  Our goal is to help patients along their road to recovery and optimal health by introducing them to a holistic approach to healing.  To do this, we provide an array of alternative and natural-healing services that address specific health and wellness concerns such as nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, and lifestyle choices.  We are dedicated to providing all of this in a professional manner through treatment uniquely tailored to each individual.

Healthy Individuals and Families are Our Goal

The goal of our clinics is to make it possible for individuals and families to live life to the fullest.  Helping paitents feel better and live healthier daily is what we strive and ultimately live for. At CCW we have cared for patients from 5 minutes old, after the birthing process all the way to 90 + year old before she headed to her weekly jazzercise class.  Call us to schedule your family for a consultation in our wellness clinic.

Chandler office: 480-821-7773

Phoenix office: 602-252-7489

To help our patients feel and look their best, we offer Chiropractic treatment and care:

- Auto Accident Consultations

- Chiropractic Adjustments

- Cupping

- Acupuncture


- Whole Body Vibration


- Natural Vitamins and Pain Relievers

- Professional Bracing and Taping

- X-Rays

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