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Weight Loss

Have you tried every fad diet but still haven't lost the weight?

Or worse – did you lose weight and have it come roaring back shortly after?


The truth is, you might have a specific health issue that is standing in the way between you and your ideal body.

We have GREAT news for you! Thanks to the amazing testing system in our office, we can determine exactly what is keeping you from losing weight.

Together, we will customize a weight loss program specifically for your specific body and your goals. For example, you might benefit from one of the following programs:

. Candida Weight Loss Program
. Hormone Balancing Program
. Sugar Handling Program

We understand how unique your body is and we cater all our weight loss programs to fit you, and only you!

At Clarity Chiropractic & Wellness, we take a very different approach to nutritional therapies from many doctors and healthcare providers. We believe that while it is possible to supplement a good diet and make it better, it is not possible to supplement a mediocre or poor diet and make it adequate. Food is our best medicine! That said, what should we eat? How much is too much? How do we know how many calories to eat or what quantities from which food groups are correct? How do we sort out all of the information out there and all of the conflicting opinions?


We understand that this is one of the most confusing subjects for many people. There seem to be as many opinions out there as there are people offering them. While we do not pretend to have all of the answers, we do take a very practical and holistic approach to the recommendations we offer. Most of the therapies and treatments that we advocate for our patients involve some form of supplementation, as well as recommendations for dietary changes. We believe the most effective healing tool can often be a lifestyle change. This becomes essential when our illnesses have resulted by following our current regimens. In today's world of stress, immediate gratification, fast foods, quick fixes, and other on-demand opportunities, our choices of desired lifestyles are usually the cause of most of what we are suffering. In the optimal health restoration process, a willingness to understand this, and especially making the efforts necessary to change, is really not only essential, it is vital.


At Clarity Chiropractic & Wellness, we have a profound respect for the miracle of the human body. It is this respect that serves as our guide as we strive to help patients achieve their maximum levels in optimal health and happiness.  We can provide you with vital information about your body’s metabolic and nutritional status, including any imbalances that need to be corrected.  We’ll consult with you about what foods and supplements are indicated for your body and guide you on the path to achieving optimal metabolic stasis. 

Simply following a healthier eating plan will often incite weight loss.  However, if you are looking for a more proactive approach to weight loss, we can help you with our weight loss plan.  Our weight loss plan utilizes sound nutrition based on research and natural products that help you lose fat and unwanted pounds.  The key in our weight loss plan is finding a balance in your diet to create sustainable change.  You will enjoy improved quality of health and life for years to come.  

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